ukui(1) UKUI Desktop Panel Module ukui(1)

ukui-panel - The Panel for the UKUI Desktop Environment


This module adds a panel, with optional plugins, to the desktop.

The panel can be run independently of UKUI, autostarted at logon, and have multiple instances. A horizontal bottom panel shows by default on the desktop, but the size, autohide, and other attributes

The panel is comprised of plugins which provide a visual widget; like the startmenu, taskbar, or quicklaunch. They can be added or removed in the panel Widget settings.

Several plugins are loaded by default; the desktop menu and windows workspaces are also managed here.

Right-click over any plugin to reach the panel Configure settings option, or that of each respective plugin.

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Further information may also be available at:
2019-08-01 UKUI 0.10.0