tcpvmexportd(1) General Commands Manual tcpvmexportd(1)

tcpvmexportd - transcode PVM3 export interface

tcpvmexportd -s|-m [ options ]

tcpvmexportd is Copyright (C) by Malanchini Marzio

tcpvmexportd This is the frontend for all the activity of export_pvm module: the program is spawned on all cluster hosts and wait to do the encode work.

Start tcpvmexportd in slave mode (internal use of export_pvm) [default].

-j Start merger process [off].

-L Create only the merge list [off].

-c name Name of slave function req in slave mode [none].

-x parameters Multiplex parameters [none].

-1 param First parameter to pass to the slave function [null].

-2 param Second parameter to pass to the slave function [null].

-3 param Third parameter to pass to the slave function [null].

-t type Elab video or audio frame (video|audio|system|multisystem) [video].

-f name Out file name [/tmp/my_file_name]

-p number Multipass (0,1,2,3) [0].

-M Enable internal multipass [off].

Start tcpvmexportd in master mode [off].

-j Start the batch merge mode [off].

-C Check the config or merge file [off].

-f name Input file name [/tmp/my_file_name]

Print help.
Print the version.


tcpvmexportd -m -j -f mylistfile.lst

Run tcpvmexportd in batch merge mode.

tcpvmexportd -m -C -f mylistfile.lst

Check the config or the merge file.

tcpvmexportd was written by Marzio Malanchini


8th August 2003 tcpvmexportd(1)