tcmodchain(1) General Commands Manual tcmodchain(1)

tcmodchain - Query compatibily of transcode modules chains.

tcmodchain [ -m path ] [ -C ] [ -L ] [ -d verbosity ] [ -v ] module1 module2

tcmodchain is Copyright (C) by Transcode Team

tcmodchain allow to inspect transcode(1) modules, as well as it's companion, tcmodinfo(1). While tcmodinfo(1) focus on single modules, tcmodchain is intended to help in exploring/experimenting module interactions.

Look in Path instead of the compiled-in module path while trying to load a module.
Enable check mode.
In check mode tcmodchain expects exactly two module identifiers. tcmodchain will check compatibilty between two given modules. Result will be logged out or not depending of verbosity level. Anyway, if two modules are compatible, tcmodchain will exit succesfully; otherwise, tcmodchain will exit with error.
see RETURN VALUES below.
Enable list mode.
In list mode tcmodchain expects exactly two module identifiers, exactly one of which containing a wildcard. tcmodchain will inspect all avalaible installed modules matching the wildcard and will print out module names that are compatible with the other given one. if at least one compatible module is found, tcmodchain will exit succesfully; otherwise, tcmodchain will exit with error.
see RETURN VALUES below.
Specify the verbosiness level to use, like transcode does. Default value is 1 (TC_INFO verbosiness).
Print version information and exit.

tcmodchain identifies modules using a type:name naming scheme. Currently, as in transcode 1.1.0, only encode and multiplex module types are supported. name can refer to the name of any avalaible transcode modules, using the same rules of tcmodinfo(1) -i option. The wildcard character * is supported in the name section of module identifier. Wildcard meaning is `any of avalaible modules' and is honoured only when list mode (-L option) is used. Using wildcard character for both module identifiers will lead to an error.

$ tcmodchain -C encode:null multiplex:null -d 1

[] v0.0.3 (2005-06-05) null (fake) A/V encoder
[] v0.0.2 (2005-12-29) discard each encoded frame
[tcmodchain] encode:null | multiplex:null [OK]
[tcmodchain] module chain OK

$ tcmodchain -L 'encode:*' multiplex:null


PLEASE NOTE that output of this example may vary depending of your installation.
At least null and copy modules will be showed on your output.

$ tcmodchain -L encode:null 'multiplex:*'


tcmodchain uses following return values:
0 successfull
1 bad parameter or command line option
2 error while (un)loading a module
3 given module pair isn't compatible
4 error while looking for module(s)

tcmodchain was written by Francesco Romani
<> with contributions from many others. See AUTHORS for details.

transcode(1) tcmodinfo(1)

5 January 2006 tcmodchain(1)