tpm2tss-tpm2data_write(1) Library calls tpm2tss-tpm2data_write(1)

tpm2tss_rsa_makekey -- Make an RSA key object

#include <tpm2tss.h>

**EVP_PKEY * tpm2tss_rsa_makekey(TPM2_DATA *tpm2Data);**

tpm2tss_rsa_makekey takes a TPM2_DATA object as tpm2Data and creates a corresponding OpenSSL EVP_PKEY object.

Upon successful completion tpm2tss_rsa_makekey() returns the created EVP_PKEY object's pointer. Otherwise NULL.

Written by Andreas Fuchs.
tpm2tss is Copyright (C) 2018 Fraunhofer SIT sponsored by Infineon Technologies AG. License BSD 3-clause.

JUNE 2018 tpm2-tss-engine