four2six(8) IPv6 four2six(8)


four2six [-FHD] [-m srcmac] [-s src6] [-p srcport] interface ipv6-to-ipv4-gateway ipv4-src ipv4-dst [port]

  -F         insert atomic fragment header (can be set multiple times)
  -H         insert and empty hop-by-hop header
  -D         insert a large destination header that fragments the packet
  -p srcport  set a specific UDP source port or Ping ID
  -s src6    set a specific IPv6 source address
  -m srcmac  set a specific MAC source address
Send an IPv4 packet to an IPv6 4to6 gateway. If a port is specified, a UDP packet is sent, otherwise an ICMPv4 ping.

thc-ipv6 was written by van Hauser <> / THC

The homepage for this toolkit is:

four2six 3.8 (c) 2020 by van Hauser / THC <>
2021-01-15 THC