covert_send6(8) IPv6 covert_send6(8)


covert_send6 [-m mtu] [-k key] [-s resend] interface target file [port]

  -m mtu     specifies the maximum MTU (default: interface MTU, min: 1000)
  -k key     encrypt the content with Blowfish-160
  -s resend  send each packet RESEND number of times, default: 1
Sends the content of FILE covertly to the target, And its POC - don't except
too much sophistication - its just put into the destination header.

thc-ipv6 was written by van Hauser <> / THC

The homepage for this toolkit is:

covert_send6 3.8 (c) 2020 by van Hauser / THC <>
2021-01-15 THC