smokeinfo - poll smokeping site for numeric information

smokeinfo path/to/config.cfg [options]

--start x                     rrd graph start time. (default now-24h)

--end y                       rrd graph end time. (default now)
--filter pattern              search pattern for node selection
--mode plain (default)        how to use the pattern
                              - plain
                              - recursive
                              - regexp
--separator ; (default)
--format %le (default)
--no-head                      do not print a header
--man                          show man-page and exit
-h, --help                     display this help and exit
--version                      output version information and exit

SmokeInfo is a simple frontend to the Smokeping::Info module. It provides access to numeric data stored in the rrd files.

Note that --start and --end are passed directly to rrd graph. This means they work on the same syntax.

Get all data all nodes

smokeinfo etc/config

Only show nodes directly under /Customers

smokeinfo --filter=/Customers/ etc/config

Show all nodes under /Customers

smokeinfo --mode=recursive --filter=/Customers/ etc/config

Show all nodes with '_wlan_' in the name

smokeinfo --mode=regexp --filter=_wlan_ etc/config


Copyright (c) 2009 by OETIKER+PARTNER AG. All rights reserved.

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Tobi Oetiker <>

2009-01-05 to Initial Version
2022-05-08 2.8.2