sile(1) General Commands Manual sile(1)

sile - Simon's Improved Layout Engine

sile [ options ] [ filename.sil | filename.xml ]

The SILE typesetter reads a single input file in either SIL or XML format and generates an output in PDF format. The output will be written to the same name as the input file with the extension changed to .pdf unless the --output flag is used.

sile accepts the following options:

Print help message and exit.
Print version information and exit.
Choose an alternative output backend. The default backend for producing PDF files is libtexpdf. Other available backends include cairo, debug, text, and dummy.
Debug SILE's operation. Multiple debug flags may be given as a comma separated list. While packages may define their own debug flags, the most commonly used ones are typesetter, pagebuilder, vboxes, break, frames, profile, and versions. May be specified more than once.
Evaluate some Lua code before processing the input file. May be specified more than once.
Choose an alternative font manager. The font manager is responsible for discovering the locations on font files on the system given a font name. The default font manager is fontconfig on non-Mac systems and macfonts on OS X.
Generate a list of dependencies in Makefile format.
Explicitly set the output file name.
Include a class or SILE file before processing input. This is particularly useful if the input file is in an XML format and requires a SILE class to provide processing expectations for its tags. May be specified more than once.
Display detailed location trace on errors and warnings.
12 January 2022 version v0.12.1