decrypt(1) Sequoia Manual decrypt(1)

decrypt - Unwraps an encryption container

decrypt [-o|--output] [-B|--binary] [--recipient-key] [--private-key-store] [--session-key] [--dump-session-key] [-h|--help] [FILE]

Unwraps an encryption container

Decrypts a message, dumping the content of the encryption container without further processing. The result is a valid OpenPGP message that can, among other things, be inspected using "sq packet dump".

Writes to FILE or stdout if omitted
Emits binary data
Decrypts the message with KEY
Provides parameters for private key store
Decrypts an encrypted message using SESSION-KEY
Prints the session key to stderr
Print help information
Reads from FILE or stdin if omitted

Unwraps the encryption revealing the signed message

sq packet decrypt --recipient-key juliet.pgp ciphertext.pgp

For the full documentation see

sq(1) sq-armor(1) sq-autocrypt(1) sq-certify(1) sq-dearmor(1) sq-decrypt(1) sq-encrypt(1) sq-inspect(1) sq-key(1) sq-keyring(1) sq-keyserver(1) sq-packet(1) sq-packet-dump(1) sq-packet-join(1) sq-packet-split(1) sq-revoke(1) sq-sign(1) sq-verify(1) sq-wkd(1)

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