list(1) Sequoia Manual list(1)

list - Lists keys in a keyring

list [--all-userids] [-h|--help] [FILE]

Lists keys in a keyring

Prints the fingerprint as well as the primary userid for every certificate encountered in the keyring.

Lists all user ids, even those that are expired, revoked, or not valid under the standard policy.
Print help information
Reads from FILE or stdin if omitted

List all certs

sq keyring list certs.pgp

List all certs with a userid on

sq keyring filter --domain certs.pgp | sq keyring list

For the full documentation see

sq(1) sq-armor(1) sq-autocrypt(1) sq-certify(1) sq-dearmor(1) sq-decrypt(1) sq-encrypt(1) sq-inspect(1) sq-key(1) sq-keyring(1) sq-keyring-filter(1) sq-keyring-join(1) sq-keyring-merge(1) sq-keyring-split(1) sq-keyserver(1) sq-packet(1) sq-revoke(1) sq-sign(1) sq-verify(1) sq-wkd(1)

July 2022 sq 0.26.0