add(1) Sequoia Manual add(1)

add - Adds a User ID

add [-o|--output] [-u|--userid] [--creation-time] [--private-key-store] [-B|--binary] [-h|--help] [FILE]

Adds a User ID

A User ID can contain a name, like "Juliet" or an email address, like "<>". Historically, a name and email address were often combined as a single User ID, like "Juliet <>".

Writes to FILE or stdout if omitted
User ID to add
Sets the creation time of this User ID's binding signature to TIME. TIME is interpreted as an ISO 8601 timestamp. To set the creation time to June 28, 2022 at midnight UTC, you can do:

$ sq key userid add --userid "Juliet" --creation-time 20210628 \
juliet.key.pgp --output juliet-new.key.pgp

To include a time, add a T, the time and optionally the timezone (the default timezone is UTC):

$ sq key userid add --userid "Juliet" --creation-time 20210628T1137+0200 \
juliet.key.pgp --output juliet-new.key.pgp

Provides parameters for private key store
Emits binary data
Print help information
Reads from FILE or stdin if omitted

First, this generates a key

sq key generate --userid "<>" --export juliet.key.pgp

Then, this adds a User ID

sq key userid add --userid "Juliet" juliet.key.pgp \
--output juliet-new.key.pgp

For the full documentation see

sq(1) sq-armor(1) sq-autocrypt(1) sq-certify(1) sq-dearmor(1) sq-decrypt(1) sq-encrypt(1) sq-inspect(1) sq-key(1) sq-key-adopt(1) sq-key-attest-certifications(1) sq-key-extract-cert(1) sq-key-generate(1) sq-key-password(1) sq-key-userid(1) sq-key-userid-strip(1) sq-keyring(1) sq-keyserver(1) sq-packet(1) sq-revoke(1) sq-sign(1) sq-verify(1) sq-wkd(1)

July 2022 sq 0.26.0