extract-cert(1) Sequoia Manual extract-cert(1)

extract-cert - Converts a key to a cert

extract-cert [-o|--output] [-B|--binary] [-h|--help] [FILE]

Converts a key to a cert

After generating a key, use this command to get the certificate corresponding to the key. The key must be kept secure, while the certificate should be handed out to correspondents, e.g. by uploading it to a keyserver.

Writes to FILE or stdout if omitted
Emits binary data
Print help information
Reads from FILE or stdin if omitted

First, this generates a key

sq key generate --userid "<juliet@example.org>" --export juliet.key.pgp

Then, this extracts the certificate for distribution

sq key extract-cert --output juliet.cert.pgp juliet.key.pgp

For the full documentation see https://docs.sequoia-pgp.org/sq/.

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