adopt(1) Sequoia Manual adopt(1)

adopt - Binds keys from one certificate to another

adopt [-r|--keyring] <-k|--key> [--allow-broken-crypto] [-o|--output] [-B|--binary] [-h|--help] [TARGET-KEY]

Binds keys from one certificate to another

This command allows one to transfer primary keys and subkeys into an existing certificate. Say you want to transition to a new certificate, but have an authentication subkey on your current certificate. You want to keep the authentication subkey because it allows access to SSH servers and updating their configuration is not feasible.

Supplies keys for use in --key.
Adds the key or subkey KEY to the TARGET-KEY
Allows adopting keys from certificates using broken cryptography
Writes to FILE or stdout if omitted
Emits binary data
Print help information
Adds keys to TARGET-KEY

Adopt an subkey into the new cert

sq key adopt --keyring juliet-old.pgp --key 0123456789ABCDEF -- juliet-new.pgp

For the full documentation see

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