autocrypt(1) Sequoia Manual autocrypt(1)

autocrypt - Communicates certificates using Autocrypt

autocrypt [-h|--help] <subcommands>

Communicates certificates using Autocrypt

Autocrypt is a standard for mail user agents to provide convenient end-to-end encryption of emails. This subcommand provides a limited way to produce and consume headers that are used by Autocrypt to communicate certificates between clients.


Print help information

Reads Autocrypt-encoded certificates
Encodes a certificate into an Autocrypt header

For the full documentation see

sq(1) sq-armor(1) sq-autocrypt-decode(1) sq-autocrypt-encode-sender(1) sq-certify(1) sq-dearmor(1) sq-decrypt(1) sq-encrypt(1) sq-inspect(1) sq-key(1) sq-keyring(1) sq-keyserver(1) sq-packet(1) sq-revoke(1) sq-sign(1) sq-verify(1) sq-wkd(1)

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