mlx5dv_vfio_get_events_fd(3) mlx5dv_vfio_get_events_fd(3)

mlx5dv_vfio_get_events_fd - Get the file descriptor to manage driver events.

#include <infiniband/mlx5dv.h>
int mlx5dv_vfio_get_events_fd(struct ibv_context *ctx);

Returns the file descriptor to be used for managing driver events.

device context that was opened for VFIO by calling mlx5dv_get_vfio_device_list().

Returns the internal matching file descriptor.

Client code should poll the returned file descriptor and once there is some data to be managed immediately call mlx5dv_vfio_process_events().

ibv_open_device(3) ibv_free_device_list(3) mlx5dv_get_vfio_device_list(3)

Yishai Hadas <>