mlx5dv_modify_qp_sched_elem(3) mlx5 Programmer’s Manual mlx5dv_modify_qp_sched_elem(3)

mlx5dv_modify_qp_sched_elem - Connect a QP with a requestor and/or a responder scheduling element

int mlx5dv_modify_qp_sched_elem(struct ibv_qp *qp,

struct mlx5dv_sched_leaf *requestor,
struct mlx5dv_sched_leaf *responder);

The QP scheduling element (SE) allows the association of a QP to a SE tree. The SE is described in mlx5dv_sched_node_create(3) man page.

By default, all QPs are not associated to SE. The default setting is ensuring fair bandwidth allocation with no maximum bandwidth limiting.

A QP can be associate to a requestor and/or a responder SE following the IB spec definition.

upon success 0 is returned or the value of errno on a failure.


Mark Zhang <> Ariel Almog <>

2020-9-22 mlx5