IBV_MODIFY_WQ(3) Libibverbs Programmer's Manual IBV_MODIFY_WQ(3)

ibv_modify_wq - Modify a Work Queue (WQ).

#include <infiniband/verbs.h>

struct int ibv_modify_wq(struct ibv_wq *wq,
                             struct ibv_wq_attr *wq_attr);

ibv_modify_wq() modifys a WQ wq. The argument wq_attr is an ibv_wq_attr struct, as defined in <infiniband/verbs.h>.

struct ibv_wq_attr {

uint32_t attr_mask; /* Use enum ibv_wq_attr_mask */ enum ibv_wq_state wq_state; /* Move to this state */ enum ibv_wq_state curr_wq_state; /* Assume this is the current state */ uint32_t flags; /* Flags values to modify, use enum ibv_wq_flags */ uint32_t flags_mask; /* Which flags to modify, use enum ibv_wq_flags */

The function ibv_modify_wq() will modify the WQ based on the given wq_attr->attr_mask

returns 0 on success, or the value of errno on failure (which indicates the failure reason).

ibv_create_wq(3), ibv_destroy_wq(3),

2016-07-27 libibverbs