dkimsign(1) General Commands Manual dkimsign(1)

dkimsign - Script for DKIM signing messages on stdin


dkimsign is a filter that reads an RFC822 message on standard input, and writes the same message on standard output with a DKIM-Signature line prepended.

usage: [-h] [--hcanon {simple,relaxed}] [--bcanon {simple,relaxed}] [--signalg {rsa-sha256,ed25519-sha256,rsa-sha1}] [--identity IDENTITY] selector domain privatekeyfile

mandatory positional arguments: selector domain privatekeyfile

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --hcanon {simple,relaxed} Header canonicalization algorithm: default=relaxed --bcanon {simple,relaxed} Body canonicalization algorithm: default=simple --signalg {rsa-sha256,ed25519-sha256,rsa-sha1} Signature algorithm: default=rsa-sha256 --identity IDENTITY Optional value for i= tag.

The original version of dkimsign was written by Greg Hewgill <>. It has been substantially rewritten by Scott Kitterman <>.

This man-page was created by Scott Kitterman <> and is licensed under the same terms as dkimpy.