PHYSFS_Allocator(3) physfs PHYSFS_Allocator(3)

PHYSFS_Allocator - PhysicsFS allocation function pointers.

#include <physfs.h>

int(* Init )(void)
void(* Deinit )(void)
void *(* Malloc )(PHYSFS_uint64)
void *(* Realloc )(void *, PHYSFS_uint64)
void(* Free )(void *)

PhysicsFS allocation function pointers.

(This is for limited, hardcore use. If you don't immediately see a need for it, you can probably ignore this forever.)

You create one of these structures for use with PHYSFS_setAllocator. Allocators are assumed to be reentrant by the caller; please mutex accordingly.

Allocations are always discussed in 64-bits, for future expansion...we're on the cusp of a 64-bit transition, and we'll probably be allocating 6 gigabytes like it's nothing sooner or later, and I don't want to change this again at that point. If you're on a 32-bit platform and have to downcast, it's okay to return NULL if the allocation is greater than 4 gigabytes, since you'd have to do so anyhow.

See also


Deinitialize your allocator. Can be NULL.

Free memory from Malloc or Realloc.

Initialize. Can be NULL. Zero on failure.

Allocate like malloc().

Reallocate like realloc().

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