YAML::PP::Perl(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation YAML::PP::Perl(3)

YAML::PP::Perl - Convenience module for loading and dumping Perl objects

use YAML::PP::Perl;
my @docs = YAML::PP::Perl->new->load_string($yaml);
my @docs = YAML::PP::Perl::Load($yaml);
# same as
use YAML::PP;
my $yp = YAML::PP->new( schema => [qw/ Core Perl /] );
my @docs = $yp->load_string($yaml);

This is just for convenience. It will create a YAML::PP object using the default schema ("Core") and the YAML::PP::Schema::Perl schema.

See YAML::PP::Schema::Perl for documentation.

These work like the functions in YAML::PP, just adding the "Perl" schema.
Constructor, works like in YAML::PP, just adds the "Perl" schema to the list of arguments.
2022-11-12 perl v5.36.0