YAML::PP::Constructor(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation YAML::PP::Constructor(3)

YAML::PP::Constructor - Constructing data structure from parsing events

The Constructor constructor
my $constructor = YAML::PP::Constructor->new(
    schema => $schema,
    cyclic_refs => $cyclic_refs,
Resets any data being used during construction.
These methods are called from YAML::PP::Parser:
Helper for storing anchors during construction
Helper for storing resulting documents during construction
Helper for storing data during construction
Option for controlling the behaviour when finding circular references
Holds a YAML::PP::Schema object
When constructing a hash and getting a non-scalar key, this method is used to stringify the key.

It uses a terse Data::Dumper output. Other modules, like YAML::XS, use the default stringification, "ARRAY(0x55617c0c7398)" for example.

2022-11-12 perl v5.36.0