Test2::Manual::Tooling::Plugin::ToolCompletes(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test2::Manual::Tooling::Plugin::ToolCompletes(3)

Test2::Manual::Tooling::Plugin::ToolCompletes - How to add behaviors that occur when a tool completes work.

This tutorial helps you understand how to add behaviors that occur when a tool is done with its work. All tools need to acquire and then release a context, for this tutorial we make use of the release hooks that are called every time a tool releases the context object.

package Test2::Plugin::MyPlugin;

use Test2::API qw{test2_add_callback_context_release};

sub import {
    my $class = shift;

    test2_add_callback_context_release(sub {
        my $ctx_ref = shift;

        print "Context was released\n";


use Test2::API qw{test2_add_callback_context_release};
This imports the "test2_add_callback_context_release()" callback.
test2_add_callback_context_release(sub { ... })
my $ctx_ref = shift
The coderefs for test2_add_callback_context_release() will receive exactly 1 argument, the context being released.
print "Context was released\n"
Print a notification whenever the context is released.

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Chad Granum <exodist@cpan.org>

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