Test2::Manual::Tooling::Plugin::TestingDone(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test2::Manual::Tooling::Plugin::TestingDone(3)

Test2::Manual::Tooling::Plugin::TestingDone - Run code when the test file is finished, or when done_testing is called.

This is a way to add behavior to the end of a test file. This code is run either when done_testing() is called, or when the test file has no more run-time code to run.

When triggered by done_testing() this will be run BEFORE the plan is calculated and sent. This means it IS safe to make test assertions in this callback.

package Test2::Plugin::MyPlugin;

use Test2::API qw{test2_add_callback_testing_done};

sub import {
    my $class = shift;

    test2_add_callback_testing_done(sub {
        ok(!$some_global, '$some_global was not set');
        print "The test file is done, or done_testing was just called\n"


use Test2::API qw{test2_add_callback_testing_done};
This imports the "test2_add_callback_testing_done()" callback.
test2_add_callback_testing_done(sub { ... });
This adds our callback to be called when testing is done.
ok(!$some_global, '$some_global was not set')
It is safe to make assertions in this type of callback. This code simply asserts that some global was never set over the course of the test.
print "The test file is done, or done_testing was just called\n"
This prints a message when the callback is run.

Before test2_add_callback_testing_done() this kind of thing was still possible, but it was hard to get right, here is the code to do it:

test2_add_callback_post_load(sub {
    my $stack = test2_stack();

    # Insure we have at least one hub, but we do not necessarily want the
    # one this returns.

    # We want the root hub, not the top one.
    my ($root) = Test2::API::test2_stack->all;

    # Make sure the hub does not believe nothing has happened.

    # Now we can add our follow-up code
    $root->follow_up(sub {
        # Your callback code here

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