Test2::Manual::Testing::Todo(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test2::Manual::Testing::Todo(3)

Test2::Manual::Testing::Todo - Tutorial for marking tests as TODO.

This tutorial covers the process of marking tests as TODO. It also describes how TODO works under the hood.

use Test2::Tools::Basic qw/todo/;

This form is low-magic. All tests inside the block are marked as todo, tests outside the block are not todo. You do not need to do any variable management. The flaw with this form is that it adds a couple levels to the stack, which can break some high-magic tests.

Overall this is the preferred form unless you have a special case that requires the variable form.

todo "Reason for the todo" => sub {
    ok(0, "fail but todo");

This form maintains the todo scope for the life of the variable. This is useful for tests that are sensitive to scope changes. This closely emulates the Test::More style which localized the $TODO package variable. Once the variable is destroyed (set it to undef, scope end, etc) the TODO state ends.

my $todo = todo "Reason for the todo";
ok(0, "fail but todo");
$todo = undef;

use Test2::API qw/context/;

sub todo_ok {
    my ($bool, $name, $todo) = @_;

    my $ctx = context();
    $ctx->send_event('Ok', pass => $bool, effective_pass => 1, todo => $todo);

    return $bool;

The Test2::Event::Ok event has a "todo" field which should have the todo reason. The event also has the "pass" and "effective_pass" fields. The "pass" field is the actual pass/fail value. The "effective_pass" is used to determine if the event is an actual failure (should always be set tot true with todo).

The Test2::Todo library gets the current Test2::Hub instance and adds a filter. The filter that is added will set the todo and effective pass fields on any Test2::Event::Ok events that pass through the hub. The filter also converts Test2::Event::Diag events into Test2::Event::Note events.

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Chad Granum <exodist@cpan.org>

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