Test2::Manual::Anatomy::API(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test2::Manual::Anatomy::API(3)

Test2::Manual::Anatomy::API - Internals documentation for the API.

This document covers some of the internals of Test2::API.

Test2::API provides a functional interface to any test2 global state. This API should be preserved regardless of internal details of how and where the global state is stored.

This module itself does not store any state (with a few minor exceptions) but instead relies on Test2::API::Instance to store state. This module is really intended to be the layer between the consumer and the implementation details. Ideally the implementation details can change any way they like, and this module can be updated to use the new details without breaking anything.

Test2::API::Instance is where the global state is actually managed. This is an implementation detail, and should not be relied upon. It is entirely possible that Test2::API::Instance could be removed completely, or changed in incompatible ways. Really these details are free to change so long as Test2::API is not broken.

Test2::API::Instance is fairly well documented, so no additionally documentation is needed for this manual page.

Test2::Manual - Primary index of the manual.

The source code repository for Test2-Manual can be found at https://github.com/Test-More/Test2-Suite/.

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Chad Granum <exodist@cpan.org>

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