Test2::Compare::Bag(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test2::Compare::Bag(3)

Test2::Compare::Bag - Internal representation of a bag comparison.

This module is an internal representation of a bag for comparison purposes.

$bool = $arr->ending
Set this to true if you would like to fail when the array being validated has more items than the check. That is, if you check for 4 items but the array has 5 values, it will fail and list that unmatched item in the array as unexpected. If set to false then it is assumed you do not care about extra items.
$arrayref = $arr->items()
Returns the arrayref of values to be checked in the array.
Accepts an arrayref.

Note: that there is no validation when using "set_items", it is better to use the "add_item" interface.

$name = $arr->name()
Always returns the string "<BAG>".
$bool = $arr->verify(got => $got, exists => $bool)
Check if $got is an array reference or not.
Push an item onto the list of values to be checked.
@deltas = $arr->deltas(got => $got, convert => \&convert, seen => \%seen)
Find the differences between the expected bag values and those in the $got arrayref.

The source code repository for Test2-Suite can be found at https://github.com/Test-More/Test2-Suite/.

Chad Granum <exodist@cpan.org>
Gianni Ceccarelli <dakkar@thenautilus.net>

Chad Granum <exodist@cpan.org>
Gianni Ceccarelli <dakkar@thenautilus.net>

Copyright 2018 Chad Granum <exodist@cpan.org>.

Copyright 2018 Gianni Ceccarelli <dakkar@thenautilus.net>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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