Term::Table::Util(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Term::Table::Util(3)

Term::Table::Util - Utilities for Term::Table.

This package exports some tools used by Term::Table.


$bool = USE_GCS
True if Unicode::GCString is installed.
True if Term::ReadKey is installed.


$width = term_size()
Get the width of the terminal.

If the $TABLE_TERM_SIZE environment variable is set then that value will be returned.

This will default to 80 if there is no good way to get the size, or if the size is unreasonably small.

If Term::ReadKey is installed it will be used.

$width = uni_length($string)
Get the width (in columns) of the specified string. When Unicode::GCString is installed this will work on unicode strings, otherwise it will just use "length($string)".

The source code repository for Term-Table can be found at http://github.com/exodist/Term-Table/.

Copyright 2016 Chad Granum <exodist@cpan.org>.

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