Sys::Virt::Interface(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Sys::Virt::Interface(3)

Sys::Virt::Interface - Represent & manage a libvirt host network interface

The "Sys::Virt::Interface" module represents a host network interface allowing configuration of IP addresses, bonding, vlans and bridges.

Returns a string with a locally unique name of the network
Returns a true value if the interface is currently running
Returns a string with the hardware MAC address of the interface
Returns an XML document containing a complete description of the network's configuration
Start a network whose configuration was previously defined using the "define_network" method in Sys::Virt.
Remove the configuration associated with a network previously defined with the "define_network" method in Sys::Virt. If the network is running, you probably want to use the "shutdown" or "destroy" methods instead.
Immediately terminate the machine, and remove it from the virtual machine monitor. The $iface handle is invalid after this call completes and should not be used again.

This section documents constants that are used with various APIs described above


The following constants are used to filter object lists

Include interfaces that are active
Include interfaces that are not active


The following constants can be used to control the behaviour of interface define operations

Validate the XML document against the XML schema


The following constants are used when querying XML

Request the inactive XML, instead of the current possibly live config.

Daniel P. Berrange <>

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