Regexp::Common::URI::wais(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Regexp::Common::URI::wais(3)

Regexp::Common::URI::wais -- Returns a pattern for WAIS URIs.

use Regexp::Common qw /URI/;

while (<>) {
    /$RE{URI}{WAIS}/       and  print "Contains a WAIS URI.\n";

Returns a pattern that matches WAIS URIs, as defined by RFC 1738. WAIS URIs have the form:

"wais:" "//" host [ ":" port ] "/" database
                  [ ( "?" search ) | ( "/" wtype "/" wpath ) ]

Under "{-keep}", the following are returned:

The complete URI.
The scheme.
The hostname.
The port, if given.
The database, followed by search or wtype/wpath, if given.
The database.
The part following the database if given, including the question mark or slash.
The search part, if given.
The wtype, if given.
The wpath, if given.

[RFC 1738]
Berners-Lee, Tim, Masinter, L., McCahill, M.: Uniform Resource Locators (URL). December 1994.

Regexp::Common::URI for other supported URIs.

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