PDF::Builder::Resource::UniFont(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation PDF::Builder::Resource::UniFont(3)

PDF::Builder::Resource::UniFont - Unicode Font Support

$font = PDF::Builder::Resource::UniFont->new($pdf, @fontspecs, %options)
Returns a uni-font object.

FONTSPECS: fonts can be registered using the following hash-ref:

    font   => $fontobj,     # the font to be registered
    blocks => $blockspec,   # the unicode blocks the font is being registered for
    codes  => $codespec,    # the unicode codepoints, -"-


     $block1, $block3,    # register font for block 1 + 3
    [$blockA, $blockZ],   # register font for blocks A .. Z


     $cp1, $cp3,          # register font for codepoint 1 + 3
    [$cpA, $cpZ],         # register font for codepoints A .. Z

NOTE: if you want to register a font for the entire unicode space (ie. U+0000 .. U+FFFF), then simply specify a font-object without the hash-ref.

Valid %options are:

'-encode' ... changes the encoding of the font from its default.
  (see "perldoc Encode" for a list of valid tags)
2021-05-02 perl v5.32.1