PDF::Builder::Basic::PDF::Array(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation PDF::Builder::Basic::PDF::Array(3)

PDF::Builder::Basic::PDF::Array - Corresponds to a PDF array. Inherits from PDF::Builder::Basic::PDF::Objind

Creates an array with the given storage parent and an optional list of values to initialise the array with.

Outputs an array as a PDF array to the given filehandle.

Returns the contents of the array.

Formerly called "elementsof", which is now deprecated.

Appends the given elements to the array. An element is only added if it is defined.

Removes all occurrences of an element from an array.

Formerly called "removeobj", which is now deprecated and will be removed.

Returns a reference to the contents of the array.

Copies the array with deep-copy on elements which are not full PDF objects with respect to a particular $pdf output context.
2021-05-02 perl v5.32.1