Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp::File(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp::File(3)

Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp::File - Match if any children have basename's that match a regexp and are files

version 1.001003

$class->child_basename_matchregexp_file( $result_object, $regexp );

Given a regexp $regexp, match if any of "$result_object->path->children" match the given regexp, on the condition that those that match are also files.

if ( $self->child_basename_matchregexp_file( $result_object, qr/^Change(.*)$/i ) ) {
    # result_object->path() contains at least one child that is a file and matches the regexp

if ( $class->_this_child_isfile( $result_object, $child_path ) ) {

Kent Fredric <>

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