Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::IsDev::IgnoreFile(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::IsDev::IgnoreFile(3)

Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::IsDev::IgnoreFile - An explicit exclusion file heuristic

version 1.001003

In a "::HeuristicSet":

sub negative_heuristics { return 'IsDev::IgnoreFile' }

Then on your file system:

touch .path_isdev_ignore

Then the given location will no longer be a possible candidate for being deemed a "dev" root directory.


  • Its parents can still be deemed "dev" directories
  • Its children can still be deemed "dev" directories

Files valid for triggering this heuristic:


Returns an exclusion if any of "excludes_files" exists, and are files.

Kent Fredric <>

This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Kent Fredric <>.

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