Parallel::ForkManager::Child(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Parallel::ForkManager::Child(3)

Parallel::ForkManager::Child - role adopted by forked Parallel::ForkManager processes

version 2.02

use 5.10.0;

use Parallel::ForkManager;

my $fm = Parallel::ForkManager->new;

say "parent does not consume the child role: ", $fm->does('Parallel::ForkManager::Child');

     sleep $_;
     say "but the child does: ", $fm->does('Parallel::ForkManager::Child');
     say "child $_ says hi!"

}) for 1..3;

When the parent Parallel::ForkManager object forks a child process, its forked incarnation consumes this role. The role doesn't do much: it changes the returning values of "is_child" and "is_parent" in the way you'd expect, change "start" so that it'd die if called from within the child, and change the implementation of "finish" to potentially send data back to the parent process.

  • dLux (Szabó, Balázs) <>
  • Yanick Champoux <>
  • Gabor Szabo <>

This software is copyright (c) 2018, 2016, 2015 by Balázs Szabó.

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