Module::Build::Tiny(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Module::Build::Tiny(3pm)

Module::Build::Tiny - A tiny replacement for Module::Build

version 0.039

use Module::Build::Tiny;

Many Perl distributions use a Build.PL file instead of a Makefile.PL file to drive distribution configuration, build, test and installation. Traditionally, Build.PL uses Module::Build as the underlying build system. This module provides a simple, lightweight, drop-in replacement.

Whereas Module::Build has over 6,700 lines of code; this module has less than 120, yet supports the features needed by most distributions.

  • Pure Perl distributions
  • Building XS or C
  • Recursive test files
  • Man page generation
  • Generated code from PL files

  • Dynamic prerequisites
  • HTML documentation generation
  • Extending Module::Build::Tiny
  • Module sharedirs

Your .pm and .pod files must be in lib/. Any executables must be in script/. Test files must be in t/. Dist sharedirs must be in share/.

These all work pretty much like their Module::Build equivalents.

This supports the following options:

  • verbose
  • install_base
  • installdirs
  • prefix
  • install_path
  • destdir
  • uninst
  • config
  • pure-perl
  • create_packlist

This module doesn't support authoring. To develop modules using Module::Build::Tiny, usage of Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ModuleBuildTiny or App::ModuleBuildTiny is recommended.

Options can be provided in the "PERL_MB_OPT" environment variable the same way they can with Module::Build. This should be done during the configuration stage.

  • Argument parsing

    Module::Build has an extremely permissive way of argument handling, Module::Build::Tiny only supports a (sane) subset of that. In particular, "./Build destdir=/foo" does not work, you will need to pass it as "./Build --destdir=/foo".

  • .modulebuildrc

    Module::Build::Tiny does not support .modulebuildrc files. In particular, this means that versions of local::lib older than 1.006008 may break with "ERROR: Can't create /usr/local/somepath". If the output of "perl -Mlocal::lib" contains "MODULEBUILDRC" but not "PERL_MB_OPT ", you will need to upgrade it to resolve this issue.


  • Leon Timmermans <>
  • David Golden <>

This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Leon Timmermans, David Golden.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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