USE-DEVEL-CHECKLIB(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation USE-DEVEL-CHECKLIB(1)

use-devel-checklib - (DEPRECATED)a script to package Devel::CheckLib with your code.

This script was DEPRECATED.

If you need to depend on this library, you should use `configure_requires` in Makefile.PL or Build.PL instead.

This script has not been thoroughly tested. You should check by hand that it has done what you expected after running it.

If you use Module::Build::Compat to write a Makefile.PL, then you will need to re-run this script whenever you have generated a new Makefile.PL.

I welcome feedback about my code, including constructive criticism. Bug reports should be made using or by email.


David Cantrell <>

Copyright 2007 David Cantrell

This software is free-as-in-speech software, and may be used, distributed, and modified under the same conditions as perl itself.

This module is also free-as-in-mason software.
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