App::BorgRestore::PathTimeTable::DB(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation App::BorgRestore::PathTimeTable::DB(3pm)

App::BorgRestore::PathTimeTable::DB - Directly write new archive data to the database

This is used by App::BorgRestore to add new archive data into the database. Data is written to the database directly and existing data is updated where necessary.

For performance reasons this class keeps an internal cache so that the database is only contacted when necessary. The cache assumes that the path are sorted so that all files from one directory are added, before files from another. If a path from a different directory is added, the previous cache is invalidated. Upon invalidation the time stamp is written to the database. If paths are properly sorted, this results in only a single database write for each path.

2022-05-29 perl v5.36.0