PSPAX(1) Documentation for pax-utils PSPAX(1)

pspax - list ELF/PaX information about running processes

pspax [options] ELFs

pspax is a user-space utility that scans the proc directory and list ELF types, as well as their respective PaX flags and filenames and attributes. Depending on build options, it may additionally display the process running set of capabilities.

-a, --all
Show all processes

-e, --header

Print GNU_STACK/PT_LOAD markings

-i, --ipaddr

Print ipaddr info if supported

-p, --pid PID

Only process specified process id

-u, --user UID

Process user/uid #

-g, --group GID

Process group/gid #

-n, --nx

Only display w^x processes

-w, --wx

Only display w|x processes

-v, --verbose

Be verbose (can be used more than once)

-B, --nobanner

Don't display the header

-h, --help

Show condensed usage and exit

-V, --version

Print version and exit

Please include as much information as possible (using any available debugging options) and send bug reports to the maintainers (see the AUTHORS section). Please use the Gentoo bugzilla at if possible.

chpax(1), dumpelf(1), paxctl(1), pspax(1), readelf(1), scanelf(1), elf(5)

Ned Ludd <>

Mike Frysinger <>


Fabian Groffen <>

Mach-O Maintainer

07/22/2021 pax-utils 1.3.3