OSH(1) General Commands Manual OSH(1)

oshcommand language interpreter

osh [options] script [args]

osh [options] -c [command_string] [args]

The osh utility is a bash(1)-compatible command language intepreter: it reads commands either from standard input, a script file or command-line arguments and executes them.

osh accepts POSIX sh(1) arguments, with the following differences:

Only validate the syntax. Also prints the AST.
What format the AST should be in.


The interactive shell only sources ~/.config/oil/oshrc on startup.

The osh utility exits with one of the following values:

One or more runtime errors occurred.
One or more parsing errors occurred, either due to incorrect script syntax or improper invocation of a shell builtin.
Permission was denied when running a command.
The referenced command or script could not be found.

bash(1), busybox(1), sh(1)


The osh utility was written by Andy Chu <andy@oilshell.org>

June 28, 2019 Linux 6.1.7-arch1-1