nvme-lnvm-init - Initialize LightNVM device with media manager

nvme lnvm-init [--device-name=<DEVICE> | -d <DEVICE>]

[--mediamgr-name | -m]

Initialize LightNVM device. A LightNVM/Open-Channel SSD must have a media manager associated before it can be exposed to the user. The default is to initialize the general media manager on top of the device.

--device-name=<DEVICE>, -d <DEVICE>

Device name to initialize.

--mediamgr-name=<MediaMgr>, -m <MediaMgr>

Media Manager name to use for initialization.

•Initialize nvme0n1
# nvme lnvm-init -d nvme0n1
•Initialize nvme0n1 with gennvm media manager (default media manager)
# nvme lnvm-init -d nvme0n1 -m gennvm

Part of the nvme-user suite

11/11/2021 NVMe