nvme-lnvm-diag-set-bbtbl - Set a block state in the bad block table

nvme lnvm-diag-set-bbtbl [--namespace-id=<NUM> | -n <NUM>]

[--channel-id=<CHID> | -c <CHID>]
[--lun-id=<LUNID> | -l <LUNID>]
[--plane-id=<PLANEID> | -p <PLANEID>]
[--block-id=<BLKID> | -b <BLKID>]
[--value=<NUM> | -v <NUM>]

Set the bad block table for a given channel, lun, plane and block with value v.

For each block available, the status byte is read as follows:

0: Good block 1: Bad block 2: Grown bad block 4: Device reserved block 8: Host-side reserved block 16: Media managed reserved block

--namespace-id=<NUM>, -n <NUM>

Namespace id to use

--channel-id, -c

Channel id

--lun-id, -l

LUN id

--plane-id, -p

Plane id

--block-id, -b

Block id

•Set channel 0, lun 0, plane 0, block 10 to bad block value 2 (grown bad) on physical device /dev/nvme0
# nvme lnvm-diag-set-bbtbl /dev/nvme0 -c 0 -l 0 -p 0 -b 10 -v 2

Part of the nvme-user suite

11/11/2021 NVMe