nix3-store(1) General Commands Manual nix3-store(1)

Warning: This program is experimental and its interface is subject to change.

nix store - manipulate a Nix store

nix store [option…] subcommand

where subcommand is one of the following:

Available commands:

  • nix store add-file <./> - add a regular file to the Nix store
  • nix store add-path <./> - add a path to the Nix store
  • nix store cat <./> - print the contents of a file in the Nix store on stdout
  • nix store copy-sigs <./> - copy store path signatures from substituters
  • nix store delete <./> - delete paths from the Nix store
  • nix store diff-closures <./> - show what packages and versions were added and removed between two closures
  • nix store dump-path <./> - serialise a store path to stdout in NAR format
  • nix store gc <./> - perform garbage collection on a Nix store
  • nix store ls <./> - show information about a path in the Nix store
  • nix store make-content-addressed <./> - rewrite a path or closure to content-addressed form
  • nix store optimise <./> - replace identical files in the store by hard links
  • nix store ping <./> - test whether a store can be accessed
  • nix store prefetch-file <./> - download a file into the Nix store
  • nix store repair <./> - repair store paths
  • nix store sign <./> - sign store paths
  • nix store verify <./> - verify the integrity of store paths


nix store copy-log <./> - copy build logs between Nix stores