nix3-hash(1) General Commands Manual nix3-hash(1)

Warning: This program is experimental and its interface is subject to change.

nix hash - compute and convert cryptographic hashes

nix hash [option…] subcommand

where subcommand is one of the following:

  • nix hash file <./> - print cryptographic hash of a regular file
  • nix hash path <./> - print cryptographic hash of the NAR serialisation of a path
  • nix hash to-base16 <./> - convert a hash to base-16 representation
  • nix hash to-base32 <./> - convert a hash to base-32 representation
  • nix hash to-base64 <./> - convert a hash to base-64 representation
  • nix hash to-sri <./> - convert a hash to SRI representation