mosquitto_ctrl_dynsec - mosquitto_ctrl module for controlling the Mosquitto Dynamic Security plugin.

mosquitto_ctrl [connection-options] dynsec dynsec-command [command-options]

This page describes the dynsec module for mosquitto_ctrl(1). See the mosquitto_ctrl man page for details of the options for connecting to remote brokers, in particular since this module works with authentication and access control, it is crucial that secure encrypted connections are used.

•mosquitto_ctrl dynsec init config-filename admin-user [admin-password]

mosquitto bug information can be found at

mqtt(7), mosquitto_rr(1), mosquitto_pub(1), mosquitto_sub(1), mosquitto(8), libmosquitto(3), mosquitto-tls(7)

Roger Light <>

08/16/2022 Mosquitto Project