mmsrip(1) General Commands Manual mmsrip(1)

mmsrip - MMS Ripper

mmsrip [-q] [-t] [-k] [-dDELAY] [-gFILE] <[-oFILE] stream url> ...

mmsrip is a client for the proprietary protocol MMS://.

It saves to a file the content being streamed.

-a, --about
Show some information about mmsrip.
-dDELAY, --delay=DELAY
Save the stream during DELAY seconds and exit.
-gFILE, --debugFILE
Output debug info to specified file.
-h, --help
Show the help message.
-k, --trick
Attempt to trick recalcitrant servers by sending alternative local info (mmsrip will act as an old version of MediaPlayer).
-oFILE, --output=FILE
Output stream to specified file. This option should be repeated before every stream urls.
-q, --quiet
Enable quiet mode. Use twice in order to remove error messages as well.
-t, --test
Enable test mode. mmsrip will only check the stream availability.
-v, --version
Show version number.

No error occured.
mmsrip was unable to rip the stream (maybe the URL is incorrect).
The stream was not ripped for unknown reasons. Please retry several times before giving up, you can write a script that loops until the rip succeeds:
until mmsrip mms://; do sleep 1; done

Nicolas BENOIT <>

This program is highly based on the work of SDP Multimedia ( and Major MMS ( They deserve all the credits for it.