MFOC(1) General Commands Manual MFOC(1)

mfoc - MIFARE Classic offline cracker

mfoc [ -h ] [ -k KEY ]... [ -O FILE ] [ -P NUM ] [ -T NUM ]

This manual page documents briefly the mfoc command.

mfoc is a program that cracks the encryption of a MIFARE Classic chip and dumps the chip's keys and decrypted memory contents to a file. To run it you need to have access to an NFC reader and, of course, a card equipped with a MIFARE Classic chip.

A summary of options is included below.

Show summary of options.
Initially try KEY in addition to the default keys.
Dump card contents to FILE.
Probe each sector up to NUM times. Default is 20.
Set half the range for a possible distance tolerance to NUM. Default is 20 (for a total range of 40).

mfoc was written by Norbert Szetei and Pavol Luptak with contributions by others.

This manual page was written by Thomas Hood <>. MIFARE is a trade mark of NXP bv, Netherlands.

May 13, 2011