lollypop(1) General Commands Manual lollypop(1)

Lollypop - a new GNOME music playing application

Lollypop [options]

Lollypop is a modern GNOME music player, with the following features:
Artist bio, lyrics Artist bio, lyrics: Get artists and tracks information from the web.
Intuitive browsing: Walk through your collection by genres/artists and through albums artwork.
Play many audio formats: mp3, mp4, ogg, and flac
Cover art downloader: Automatic artwork downloader from, Itunes and Spotify.
MTP devices: Sync your music with Android phones and any mtp devices…
Fullscreen view: Visual access from your couch
Party mode: Let Lollypop choose music for you.
Native replay gain support.
Search in your collection by artist, album and title.

-a, --play-ids
Play ids
-d, --debug
Debug Lollypop
-r, --set-rating
Rate the current track
-t, --play-pause
Toggle playback
-s, --stop
Stop playback
-n, --next
Go to next track
-p, --prev
Go to prev track
-e, --emulate-phone
Emulate a Librem phone
-v, --version
Lollypop version
X-display to use

Lollypop was written by Cédric Bellegarde