VIPSEDIT(1) General Commands Manual VIPSEDIT(1)

vipsedit - edit header of a vips image file

vipsedit [OPTION...] vipsfile

vipsedit alters a VIPS image file's header. This is useful for setting the resolution, for example.

The options are:

-x, --xsize=N set Xsize to N
-y, --ysize=N set Ysize to N
-b, --bands=N set Bands to N
-f, --format=F set BandFmt to F (eg. uchar)
-i, --interpretation=I
set Interpretation to I (eg. xyz)
-c, --coding=C set Coding to C (eg. labq)
-X, --xres=R set Xres to R pixels/mm
-Y, --yres=R set Yres to R pixels/mm
-u, --xoffset=N set Xoffset to N
-v, --yoffset=N set Yoffset to N
-e, --setext replace extension block with stdin

Be very careful when changing Xsize, Ysize, BandFmt or Bands. vipsedit does no checking!

To set the Xsize to 512 and Bands to 6:

vipsedit --xsize=512 --bands=6 fred.v


vipsedit -x 512 -b 6 fred.v

Extract the XML metadata from an image with vipsheader(1), edit it, and reattach with vipsedit(1).

vipsheader -f getext fred.v | sed s/banana/pineapple/ | vipsedit -e fred.v

returns 0 on success and non-zero on error.


K. Martinez 1993

30 June 1993