libu2f-server - Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Server Tool

libu2f-server [OPTIONS]...

libu2f-server 1.0.2

Perform U2F server-side operations on the command line. Writes challenge to standard output and read responses from standard input.

-h, --help
Print help and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
-o, --origin=STRING
Origin URL to use.
-i, --appid=STRING
Application ID to use.
-c, --challenge=STRING
Challenge (Base64-URL encoded) string to use.
-a, --action=ENUM
Action to take. (possible values="register", "authenticate")
-k, --key-handle=STRING
A file containing a key-handle
-p, --user-key=STRING
A file containing the public user-key
-d, --debug
Print debug information to standard error (default=off)
-x, --x509cert=STRING
A file to write the registration attestation certificate to

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January 2018 libu2f-server 1.0.2