HYDROGEN(1) User Commands HYDROGEN(1)

hydrogen - a simple drum machine/step sequencer.

hydrogen [-v] [-h] -s file

Hydrogen 1.1.0 [http://www.hydrogen-music.org]. Copyright 2002-2008 Alessandro Cominu, Copyright 2008-2021 The hydrogen development team.

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. It's main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.

Hydrogen comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. See the file COPYING for details.

-P, --data PATH - Use an alternate system data path

-d, --driver AUDIODRIVER - Use the selected audio driver (jack, alsa, oss)

-s, --song FILE - Load a song (*.h2song) at startup

-S, --jacksessionid ID - Start a JackSessionHandler session

-p, --playlist FILE - Load a playlist (*.h2playlist) at startup

-k, --kit drumkit_name - Load a drumkit at startup

-i, --install FILE - install a drumkit (*.h2drumkit)

-n, --nosplash - Hide splash screen

-V[Level], --verbose[=Level] - Print a lot of debugging info

Level, if present, may be None, Error, Warning, Info, Debug or 0xHHHH

-v, --version - Show version info

-h, --help - Show this help message


Defaults and startup settings for Hydrogen.


Can contains user's data such as drumkits, patterns, playlists, songs, ...


Path to LADSPA plugins.

If you find any bug or if you would like to propose a new feature, please report it to https://github.com/hydrogen-music/hydrogen/issues

The hydrogen development team. See complete list at Hydrogen's "About" Dialog. You can contact them at <hydrogen-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>.
Subscription to the mailing list can be done here :

http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/hydrogen-devel .

This manual page was written by Olivier Humbert <trebmuh@tuxfamily.org> as a part of the Hydrogen project.
September 2021 Hydrogen 1.1.0